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Myth: Lifting will make you bulky and will degrade your running from all of the weight gain.

Truth: Both strength and power are different from hypertrophy. Hypertrophic training is very specific and requires a surplus of calories and a higher volume of training.

Lifting programs will strengthen tendons, bones, ligaments, and connective tissues this will allow them to better withstand the repetitive impact forces of running.

Stronger muscles do not get as sore or break down as easily as weak muscles. Meaning you can run stronger and faster.

With a runner-specific lifting program, you’ll recover faster from workouts and long runs.

Myth: Women shouldn't lift.

Truth: Both males and females receive tons of benefits from strength training. Strength and power training will not add bulk but will tone and tighten and make you faster and more resilient.  

Myth: I do x,y,z training such as P90X, kickboxing, CrossFit, etc. that's good enough for me.

Truth: Each workout has its own benefits but as a runner, none of the styles above are specific to running and will typically not help to increase performance some may even lead to injuries and can decrease performance due to overloading.

Myth: I am a runner, I run, I don't need weight training.

Truth: While it is perfectly acceptable to only run the simple truth is that runners that do not lift will never reach their potential and are at an extremely high risk of injury. 

Myth: I am too old/ young to lift.

Truth: Your age should never stop you from reaching your goals and living a healthier injury-free life. 

Myth: I have never done any lifting I don't think I can.

Truth: Of course you can! That's what I am here for, I will be sure to support you emotionally, mentally, and physically as we work together to build the best you!

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