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   A Colorado native with a passion for fitness, running, science, and helping others to become the best versions of themselves. Directly out of High school I honorably served in the United States Air Force. After my time in the military, I took the next step to follow my dreams of spreading my love of running and fitness to others. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Regis University where I had the privilege to run DII Cross Country while achieving a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. During my time in college, I was employed at a local running specialty store where I gained extensive knowledge about shoes and other athletic products. I was also able to share my knowledge about running with those around me to become more involved in the running community.


   Since college, I have worked in Physical Therapy clinics as an Exercise Physiologist, in specialized performance gyms, and currently, I coach High school and Middle school Cross Country. Through my years of being a runner and a coach, I have helped athletes of all levels and abilities avoid injury and accomplish their goals. I am currently certified through NASM as a personal trainer, I hold a USATF level I certification, and I am in good standing with the Positive Coaching Alliance. Currently, I am pursuing my CSCS to further enhance my abilities in the Olympic strength training world.


   No matter the distance, pace, or fitness goals with proper communication I will use all my experience, skill, and knowledge to motivate, encourage, challenge, and develop your fitness abilities through proven scientific methods and a well-tuned ear. I aim to deliver personalized training based on current personal fitness and goals. I look forward to helping you push past your thresholds.



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Threshold PR was born from my experiences as a runner, both as an athlete and a coach, and the belief that we all can push forward to become more than we are with the right knowledge and motivation.

Being involved in the world of running and strength training, I noticed two things that sparked the creation of Threshold PR. One: the high rate of injuries both in novice and amateur athletes is incredibly high (~70%+). Two: the lack of strength training within the running culture. With this, I knew something has to change. 

Training is more than just movement and spending time in the gym or out on a field/ track. Fitness is a journey that is designed to challenge you physically and mentally and should be coached with this in mind. My goal is not only to make your body stronger and more efficient but also to develop a strong and resilient mind. 


For both local 1-on-1 and online clients, there is a limited number of total open spots to ensure each individual is given the attention and communication needed to ensure they are valued, successful, and supported.

Personal training prices are on a sliding scale to allow all levels of income access into the world of elite functional training. I also train many low-income youth-athletes and student-athletes that often are not given the opportunity to train due to financial limitations. The sliding scale allows the financial assistance to those in need. 


For more information on my coaching services, please check out the services page or contact me directly. 

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